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HorribleSubs (HS) is a fansub group with a huge collection of anime series available for download in 480p, 720p and 1080p. They translate, time, encode, and edit their own anime shows. The site also offers XDCC, a way to download files through IRC. If torrents are slow for someone, XDCC might be a lot faster.

A fansub group description of HorribleSubs reads:

so bad yet so good

Rips from Crunchyroll, Funi, and other English language licensors and rereleases on torrent sites. Using robots. As the dirty work of translation is out of their hands, no one can compete with the speed and breadth of their releases.

On the other hand, they are wholly dependent on the work of CR and Funi, and make little to no modifications. This means that they cannot grab unaired OVAs or any Blu-ray exclusive content, only broadcast anime available on streams.

Not to mention that they are way, way out of the legal grey area of fansubbers, and they give middle fingers to the licensors they undermine. Most of all, after effectively spitroasting speedsubbers and licensors, they now troll their own viewerbase for the lulz.

It’s certainly a fascinating group, and their exchanges are comedy gold. In the end, the best thing to say about HorribleSubs is:

it hurts so good

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